Ultra High Pressure

Ultra high pressure

Cleaning, descaling, cutting and blasting are achieved when directing up to 1600 BAR via a remotely controlled delivery system.

High volume industrial cleaning

High pressure | Low volume

Supplied via boom or robot, our systems are capable of getting the water or chemicals to the job site with a minimum of time and risk.

Robot digger


Our vehicles are small, powerful, compact and  efficient units designed to reduce time, risk and cost.


Industrial Cleaning

Selcouth’s innovative solutions include:

Upgraded, converted concrete hydraulic boom placing water trucks with segmented long reach articulated arms with an overall reach of up to 55m with the ability to reach vertically to these heights.

The ability to bend back down into bins, chutes, hatches and openings to wash internally.

Highly specialised various water wash-down heads for low volume, high volume and /or high pressure wash down functionality.

The ability to wash down the inside and outside of critical infrastructure.

On-boom video cameras which allow visibility and access to hard-to-get critical zones allowing these areas to be cleaned and inspected effectively.

Every machine which has been fitted with latest generation remote control robotic heads with three operational functions:

  • 360 degrees water flow in the horizontal plane.

  • 150 degrees water flow in the vertical plane.

  • Pulsating (rotating) flow of twin jets of HP water flow.

Under Conveyor Robot

Under Conveyor Robot

Selcouth Remote-controlled, Robotic Cleaners are a sub-one-tonne machine.

Tirelessly cleaning under conveyors while they are operating while keeping personnel away from the danger zone and removing the need to shut down production to clean the space beneath the conveyor

Other features include:

  • Substantial tractive effort with both skid steer tyre and track models available.
  • can be paired with a Vacuum Truck to remove the debris or bulldoze out from under the conveyor belts.
  • Fitted with a diverse range of attachments, including:
    • suction pipe to be paired with a vacuum truck.
      small “front‐end‐loader style” bucket.
    • twin steel spinning brush attachment to allow stacker and reclaimer rails to be cleaned for inspection and remediation works.
Robots and Industrial Cleaning attachments