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Strategic Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance

Strategic industrial cleaning & maintenance services with significant risk, time and cost savings through innovative mechanisations.

High Pressure

Cleaning, descaling, cutting and blasting are achieved when directing up to 1600 BAR via a remotely controlled delivery system.

High Volume Low Pressure

High Volume / Low Pressure

Supplied via boom or robot, our systems are capable of getting the water or chemicals to the job site with a minimum of time and risk.

Ortec Robot


Our vehicles are small, powerful, compact and  efficient units designed to reduce time, risk and cost.



At Selcouth all our processes start with a review of the work and looking for ways to eliminate the risks.


Elimination of people from high risk activities reduces the time to setup, run and closeout work packages


Utilizing robotic and remote control assets allows for a greater degree of process and hazard controls.